Our church family believes in the power and sanctity of God’s written word (the Bible) and of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives on a daily basis.

What’s important to us?

We like to consider ourselves a Church Being Transformed for the Sake of Others. Our goal is to build our community so that we can positively impact the community in which we live. We encourage one another to love our neighbours and live out our faith in meaningful and practical ways.

We believe in a real God who is alive and is for us! Because of this we promote a real faith that can change us, those we love, our circumstances and even our world. Our God (thankfully) does not change; and hence, we are a community firmly rooted in the ancient and historical Christian faith.

We believe that God loves us so that we can love others. Both inside our church, out in our nearby communities, all over Victoria, and the world. We seek to love others with the incredible love of the Living God.

For a statement of our beliefs, please see the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials. We also ascribe to the ancient statements of faith known as the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed along with the 39 Articles of Religion.

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